Get the marketing and promotional advantage you need at a tradeshow

trade_showsYou have a great product. Your creative team has poured all of its intelligence and energy into the development of a device that will help make people’s lives better. Now, it is only a matter of getting your target market to realize it benefits.

The conventional methods of marketing will of course be followed. However, you should introduce your brand and your product to the world with skill and panache. One of the best ways of doing this is to set up a booth at an expo or consumer fair. Such tradeshows can gain you the kind of traction you need in the market you’re trying to penetrate.

These events occur throughout the country at all times during the year. They give you a great opportunity to show your new product. More importantly, they give you the chance to show why your new product is important, why people should purchase it for use in their daily lives. Attending a tradeshow gives you the opportunity to make a good first impression. If people like your product enough, they will promote it among their friends and family. That is exactly the kind of buzz you want to create. Continue reading

Learn how to get booth displays that will make yours stand out

tradeshowExpos, fairs, and tradeshows have a long history in consumer history. They descend from the great open markets of the old world. They provide companies an opportunity to interact directly with the people. They also give them a way of presenting new products, inventions, and innovations in a way that is personal and authentic.

A great many people make it their business to attend such events. There are ordinary consumers of course. But there are also journalists who write for trade magazines. Much of this genre has gone online; however, it still exists. In fact, its migration to the virtual world has led to a tremendous increase in the number of journals that specialize in consumer product reviews.

Getting a write-up in a consumer journal is one of the best things you can hope for. It gives you tremendous exposure. If you think these journals go unread, think again. Millions of people around the world take an interest in keeping track of trends in consumer products. They are interested in purchasing the latest gadgets on the market, and they want to know all about them before doing so. Continue reading

Go to your trade show ready to attract people and make customers

booth displayThere is nothing like a trade show to put the products you sell front and center. The utility, reliability, and high value of the merchandise you offer can never be known to the public if it is not marketed properly. However, conventional marketing has its own drawbacks. Though various online marketing strategies and television and billboard advertisement can help promote your company and its products, one of the best ways of getting the word out about what you sell is to put up a booth at a tradeshow.

The booth itself must be a marketing and sales package that will have the right effect. Display stands, poster frames, sidewalk signs, modular booths—all form part of the display stand package that you will need to draw attention. Continue reading

Tradeshows give you the chance to show your best to a captive audience

digitalmediaA great deal of energy, intelligence, and talent has gone into the creation of your company’s newest product. Its usefulness to ordinary people is beyond doubt. You are absolutely convinced that you have launched something that will be in demand. The task before you is to make the product known, to ensure that it reaches a larger audience. Conventional methods of marketing will give you some exposure. The range and effect of publicity and promotion will present your brand and the newest invention to come from your company to the public. However, nothing will give you the boost you need like a tradeshow.

Tradeshows, expos, and fairs are good ways of introducing a new product to the public at large. Such events occur throughout the country at all times during the year. One of the great things about getting a stall in a tradeshow is that it will give you a permanent base from which to present your product to people who are genuinely curious about new things. Indeed, a great many people go to trade shows as a kind of hobby. They are interested in getting direct insight into the newest and most advanced products coming to the market. Going to a tradeshow gives you a captive audience. Continue reading

Make the best first impression possible at the trade show you’re attending

consumer_electronics_showTrade shows give vendors a way into the marketplace. They are the ultimate kind of promotion because they put the product being sold directly in front of potential customers. A well-organized trade show will be more than a mere commercial activity; it will be quite a big social event, attracting hundreds if not thousands of people from the immediate region and further out.

The bustle and busyness of modern life make it hard for any company to fix the attention of its customer base for any length of time. People are bombarded with marketing images and messages all day every day. This makes it hard for any business, no matter the newness and innovation of its product, to make a breakthrough.

Being part of a trade show can help you cut through the clutter. You will be able to present your newest products completely free of the ambient noise of conventional marketing media. To do so, however, requires you to get into the spirit of the show itself. Indeed, it is a show, which means you must put on a proper display in order to get attention. Continue reading

Make the most of your tradeshow by setting up a first-rate booth

tradeshowsThe purpose of a tradeshow is to put your newest products front-and-center. No matter how valuable and important you know your products to be, they you will not sale if no one knows anything about them. You will of course have made a substantial investment in developing marketing strategies of various types. However, these may not work out as you need them to.

The biggest drawback to conventional marketing is that they have never been proven to work. It is bad business to pour money into an enterprise whose utility remains dubious. It is much better to invest in a marketing scheme that will provide you with immediate and concrete results.

Setting up a trade show booth is one of the best ways of promoting your products to the public. Display stands, poster frames, sidewalk signs, modular booths—all form part of the display stand package that you will need to draw attention.

When you go to a trade show, you want attention. You will certainly have no trouble gathering together a captive audience. Many people travel across the state and sometimes across the country to go to trade shows. That is why you must be at your best when you set up a booth. You will not have a second chance to make a first impression with this most avid group. You want to make an impression on them because they are the ones most likely to go back to their homes and speak about your new product with family, friends, and colleagues—in person and online.

The other important group whose attention you want to attract is consumer journalists. Writers for various industry and craft magazines flock to tradeshows. It is the only way they can gather material for copy. Going to tradeshows allows them to see new products for themselves. They get to touch them, examine them, and play with them. After doing so, they are able to write up their impressions and experiences in an article, which has the obvious effect of getting the word out about the products you’re selling.

A great deal depends on the quality of the tradeshow display you put up. It is essential that you get it right the first time. Working with professionals is the only way to make this happen. Collaborating with a vendor that specializes in making banners, booths, and other products for tradeshows will give you the means to increase awareness about your products. Such vendors employ professions who possess deep insight into how tradeshows work and how the various displays you’re thinking of putting up will affect the people who see them.

It is right that you have absolute confidence in your products. You have spent a great amount of time and energy developing them. Now it is time to move on to the next step. Getting the public to realize the value and quality of what you are selling is essential. It is the only way you will move product. You should make attending a tradeshow one of your top priorities in the coming year.

Learn how to turn tradeshow events to your advantages

trade_showsThere is nothing like a trade show to get you the exposure and publicity you need. It is a powerful and effective way of promoting your merchandise. Trade shows bring consumers from all over the region to a particular center to view, ponder over, and make some judgment about new products. A trade show that is well-organized and well-advertised can become quite an exciting social event. It may attract hundreds of people, giving them the chance to see all that is new and interesting in the world of consumer goods.

Getting people’s attention is one of the greatest challenges faced by manufacturers and retailers. Skepticism and cynicism dominate the age. People are suspicious by all forms of mainstream advertisement. They tend to ignore or scorn the various messages aimed at them by marketing firms. Continue reading

Business Casual: The New Standard For Trade Show Exhibition

I am no stranger to trade shows, having been an exhibitor for over twenty years. However, what I am a stranger to is the need for so-called “booth babes”.

If you’ve attended any trade show over the past ten years, especially those targeted at the tech and auto industries, you have no doubt seen your fair share of booth babes. These are the scantily clad women that seem to dominate the show in their barely their attire. Some are proud to sport their wares in bikinis while others favor the mini and micro mini skirts and dresses. Others choose the latex route, wearing catsuits only fit for Cat Woman herself. And then there are those that push the limits of booth babeism altogether and wear little more than paint. Continue reading

My Formula For Trade Show Success

trade-showAfter spending many years as a marketing executive for my company and attending hundreds of trade shows, I have finally come up with a formula for success. This formula works no matter what business you are in or what you are attempting to market. Fall is the perfect time to upgrade your trade show strategies and get maximum exposure before the end of the year. So, what is my formula for success in trade shows?

1. Look for shows in vertical markets. Many articles have been written regarding attending industry tradeshows, but when is the last time you looked at vertical markets that your customers might be attending. Look, there is a lot of competition for attention in industry shows. However, if you can find a few trade shows in vertical markets, you will oftentimes have less competition, meaning that you will have exclusive access to your customers. Exclusive access makes for more leads. Continue reading

See how trade shows, expos, and fairs can help you boost sales

consumer_electronics_showDiscovering how best to market your product requires some thought and reflection. There is no shortage of channels by which to introduce a new good, service or brand to the public. Trade shows, expos, fairs, and other organized vendor publicity events can be instrumental in presenting your company and the products you sell to a wider audience.

Although they seem antiquated in the world of television, Internet, cell phones and the worldwide web, trade show booths still have the power to attract audiences; and trade show fairs are still rather popular throughout the nation.

You should always prepare well for any event you’re scheduled to participate in. Your object is to maximize the amount of attention given to your product. In doing so, you want to ensure the following measures are put in place: Continue reading