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Trade shows can be an excellent place to find new clients and leads, but without proper planning things can sure go wrong in a hurry. That is the lesson that Colleen, the manager of a small packaging business, learned the hard way a few years ago. In the weeks leading up to her trade show she thought she was well prepared. She had secured what she thought would be all of the items needed to make a positive impression on those that attended the show.

After arriving at the trade show, Colleen realized that she had completely forgot to bring the most important items for her business; the actual packaging samples. It is important when attending the trade show, that you bring along as many different samples of the work that you do as possible. It will ensure that you are able to accurately show customers what they will be getting from using your services. You need to make sure that you put together a good selection of your products for visitors to look through. Bring more than just one sample, so more people can be engaged simultaneously. And if applicable they can see that you offer a range of different products or services.

You Talk Too Much!Trade shows provide a very viable marketing opportunity for many people. However, there are many different things that need to be taken into account in order to ensure that you capitalize on the trade show. Start by setting some specific goals for the trade show.

By knowing what your company is looking to get out of the show your chances for success increase significantly. After doing that, you can start to devise how you are going to put together your booth to best help you to accomplish those goals.


Trade Associations – Is Outsourcing A Great Idea or A Step Backwards?

Outsourcing is now a common word in the American vocabulary Definition at Wikipedia is it’s contracting out an internal business process to an external third party organization. The practice of contracting a business process out to a third party can be controversial.  Why this practice can be controversial is that it is perceived as a job killer to the American market place. Especially when we see common tasks like customer service call centers being outsourced to 3rd world country operators that speak poorly and are often not familiar with the American culture.


A successful trade show is always directly connected to advanced preparation. Meet with all the individuals that have been assigned to work your trade show and brainstorm. Put something together that will accurately represent your company values and interest visitors. A few of the more common mistakes that deserve your consideration include the following:

Turning Your Cash Into Trash 

One of the biggest mistakes that is often made at trade shows is relying too much on marketing material handouts. These are blindly handed to everyone at the show, what a waste of money. Visitors are overwhelmed with bags full of marketing materials that end up in the trash. It is easy to see why this can be a costly problem. Not interacting enough with the people that visit your booth will make your marketing materials a wasted expense. Make sure that your people are doing what they can to engage visitors first; speaking to each and every person that visits your booth.