Trade Show

Trade shows continue to be one of the best ways for small manufacturers, software creators and service businesses to gain exposure to a wider audience. In trade shows there are many categories and different variations of shows that run from a small flea market feel to a 300,000 square foot facility that costs $5,000 plus for a booth.

Some shows will concentrate almost exclusively on wholesale buyers of retail merchandise. These are the most important to small businesses trying to take off – one retailer could be worth hundreds or thousands of new customers.

One of the greatest American traditions is arts and crafts. There are very few boundaries in the arts and crafts industry – from making your own jellies and jams, to stained glass windows and quilts, utilitarian items from clothing to furniture building and so much more. Crafts and hobbies can result in the creation of some real nice products that can be given away as a gift, used to help the family – or even to be sold for money.

Craftsman at work - Arts & crafts

This great American tradition is most obvious when going through tourist areas. Whether they are the mountains on the East Coast, or the Indian lands in the west there is no shortage of people making all kinds of items that are showcased to tourists coming through town.

Many growing small businesses started from a dedicated hobbyist working hard from home or in their garage. Let’s face it if you make cool stuff people will want to buy it. If you want to turn that craft into a real business you will need to start marketing your products and trade shows and craft fairs are a great way to get started.