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4 Reasons You Need a Table Cover

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On our list of must-have trade show items, table covers are top tier. We always suggest marketing stands and booth displays to complement them, but the professionals at Anything Display can’t help but recognize four of the essential characteristics that make a table cover a worthy investment.

1. Customizable

Table throws can be as simple or complex as you wish to make them, but even something as small as a quick logo designed to fit the cover can be the perfect way to bring together the branding of your trade show booth. Without much work or preparation, your booth will look polished and personalized to your business.

2. Affordable

Of the many investments a business owner needs to make to improve their marketing campaign, a table cover is hardly an expense. This marketing product is easy to create and can be found at extremely reasonable price points. Not to mention, it makes for easy setup and take down!

3. Versatile

Once you have one table cover, you can use it at nearly any event you ever attend- trade show or not! From open houses to seminars, it has been used by professionals in all industries. You will be amazed at how much use you can get out of such a simple item. It quickly hides unwanted items and makes any table look professional and clean.

4. Effective marketing tool

Much like other marketing banners, table covers prove time and time again as an effective marketing tool. Standing out from the crowd is important at any industry gathering, and table covers will continue to be a positive addition to any booth design to draw in customers and create potential leads.

Fortunately, Anything Display has table covers in a variety of sizes and colors! Our professionals would love to help you create and process your table cover order to ensure you’re prepared for your next big trade show or event!

With more questions about our table throws or any other trade show products, please contact us today by calling (239) 433-9738.

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