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A Properly Managed Trade Show Booth Can Lead To Increased Sales And Revenue

Cecile Foner knew toys. She had taken her first job as a sales assistant in a major toy retail store right out of college and worked her way up to corporate headquarters as a marketing executive. She had seen various parts of the toy retail business and felt confident that she could establish an independent shop that appealed to modern families.

She finally raised the money to open Young Genius Toys. The store specializes in selling toys that double as tools for learning and mental development. Owing to her years of service as a marketing account executive, Cecile knew that a large and growing segment of young educated parents want the toy alternative offered by her store.

The first couple of years of trading were good. Young Genius Toys saw steady growth. As it entered its third year of operation, revenue began to fall off. It was Cecile’s dream to achieve the kind of retail success that would allow her to open other stores. To pursue this aim she decided to become more flexible in her approach to marketing.

Promoting Your Company By Participating In A Trade Show

Cecile decided to participate in a trade show. She had heard about them through her informal network of entrepreneur friends. Cecile knew from her years in the business that she had to find a way to engage directly with large numbers of consumers. Toys must be seen and touched in order to be sold. Internet marketing alone would not help her meet her sales goals.

She put together a team of her best sales associates and prepared to promote Young Genius Toys at the trade show.

Trade Show Tips For Engaging Visitors

Cecile was determined to make the most out of the event. She gave each member of her team a standard script. They each had to learn how to sell each of the toys that would displayed at the trade show in 60 seconds. Each individual was allowed to use their own words to make the pitch, but the key was to hone in on the key attributes of each toy, anticipate objections, and make specific offers. The customers had to be kept interested, and that could only happen if they were kept engaged.

Cecile had her trade show team practice their pitches until they had them down cold.

Managing Your Team At The Trade Show

A trade show is a day-long event. It is a place that does not have the feel of a workplace. This makes it challenging to maintain discipline and to keep everyone excited about the task. Cecile understood this, and she responded by allowing her team to wear their own clothes rather than the logo-stamped shirts that each employee was required to wear on shift. She encouraged her team to be casual and comfortable but insisted that they remain focus on the main goal: to sell toys and get customers to go to the shop.

Cecile’s efforts paid off. In the months that followed its participation in the trade show, Young Genius Toys had a substantial increase in sales and revenue.

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