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A Trade Show Can Help You Boost Your Business Sales

Jared Lightner new books. He lived for them, and for 20 years as a scholar in English Literature taught them. His father was passionate about the classics and instilled that same spirit in his son. The old man ran a used and rare book shop and kept it in operation for nearly half a century. When he died, the book shop and all the books within it was passed on to Jared. It was around that time that Jared thought of retiring from academia. He did so and decided to keep his father’s business in operation.

Jared knew immediately that changes had to be made; that the book store had to be updated and modernized to meet the needs of 21st century readers. Jared raised the capital necessary to renovate the interior of the shop, making it brighter in appearance and filling the walls with cutting-edge art and murals. He also expanded the range of books to be sold, offering the best of modern fiction, history, philosophy, and popular science.

Jared believed that his investment would pay off, but after 3 months of flat sales he knew he had to shake things up. Rather than investment more money in online marketing and advertising Jared decided to pitch his shop in a trade show event.

How To Use A Trade Show To Promote Your Company

Jared knew that the young students and middle-class professionals would be at such an event, but he was surprised by the strong and positive response he received. The event took place on a Saturday and it was filled with people from Jared’s target market. Dozens of individuals visited his display stand. He had chosen a representative sample of the best volumes carried by the shop, and the authors and titles seemed to resonate with the people who stopped by.

He had a number of interesting conversations with other book lovers and gave each person he spoke to a card with the address and social media information of his store on them. What happened next delighted the fledgling entrepreneur.

Walk-in traffic nearly quadrupled in the weeks that followed. Jared and his shop also became social media sensations. He saw some faces from the trade show event, but also new people. It was apparent that the people he spoke to recommended his shop to their friends and relatives, which explained his sudden success.

Strategy—The Key To Success In A Trade Show

Jared made participating in trade shows one of his highest priorities. He created detailed plans for each one he went to.

In the months following his flush of success, Jared had to hire additional staff to manage the volume. He also established an online store and had to form a team to handle the numerous orders he received through that medium.

Jared chose a few bright members of this new staff to help him with each trade show event he participated in. He Paula them to be friendly and personable with the people who came to the booth. Each person wore their own clothes and was told the selling points they had to mention when talking to potential customers.

The strategy worked so well that Jared has recently opened a second book shop.

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