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A Trade Show Can Help You Expand Your Business

Jane Meyer was always passionate about animals. Ever since she was a child she was interested in the health and well-being of cats, dogs, birds, and other pets. Her parents spoiled her when she was growing up with a menagerie of animals to care for and love. She decided to turn this affection into her life’s work.

As soon as she finished college, she opened a pet supply store. Her idea was to offer pet food, toys, collars, garments, and other accessories to the public. What would set her store apart is that all her products would be natural and organic, completely free of the kind of additives and allergens that can irate and harm pets. Jane successfully raised the money to open her store and did well the first few months.

After the first enthusiastic response from pet owners in the neighborhood in which the store was located, sales declined. Her efforts to promote herself through online marketing proved futile.

Jane understood the problem. As a pet lover herself, she knew that others like her would only buy from a pet shop whose owner they knew personally. Pet owner had to see what a store was about for themselves before they bought anything from it. The only way she knew to make personal contact with pet owners was to participate in a trade show event.

Every Kind Of Business Can Find Its Target Market At A Trade Show

Jane had heard of the benefits of participating in a trade show from other entrepreneurs. She did not consider it a serious option until she realized that it may be her only means of meeting pet owners face-to-face. Jane reserved a space at the next trade show near where she lived. She worked with trade show display experts to create the kind of booth that would attract her target audience.

Her gambit paid off. Jane’s booth was visited non-stop by pet owners from around the area. She had an opportunity to pitch the uniqueness of her brand and visitors had a chance to see and touch the toys and accessories she sold at her store.

Building A Business Through Trade Shows

In the weeks that followed, foot traffic to Jane’s store increased ten-fold. Business became so hectic that she had to take on additional staff. She also became somewhat of a sensation on social media. Her store received glowing reviews and recommendations. She leveraged this new stardom by using social media to build relationships with past and prospective clients.

She also made participating in trade shows central to her marketing strategy. She did not limit herself to trade shows near her home. She went to shows throughout the state. She used the shows to meet pet owners in various cities, offering them free samples of the things they could find in her store.

Jane’s business was so successful she started selling her products online. The online part of the business thrives. She has also opened up a second shop and has plans to open a third in another city.

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