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A Trade Show Can Help You Promote Your Brand To A Wider Audience

John Donner retired from his civilian job with military intelligence. He had served long and honorably and looked forward to a rest. The desire for peace was short-lived. Shortly after his retirement, he decided to open a business in which he would do what he had spent a life time perfecting: finding people who did not want to be found. As an intelligence officer that was his specialty. Now he would put the same set of skills to work for ordinary people. Those who wanted to find parents, children, friends, and old lovers came to him. He also worked as a consultant to the local police department.

Business was steady but meager. John believed he could do better. He did not need the money, but he wanted to offer his services to a wider market. He knew nothing about marketing, and his personal assistant was his only employee. One day the young woman told him about a trip she had made to a trade show . John knew nothing about such exhibitions, but he researched the subject thoroughly. The next day he decided he would use trade shows to market his services.

How To Get The Most From A Trade Show

John drew up a list of trade show events that were scheduled in cities and states near where he lived. He chose four that were to take place in cities much larger than the one he lived in. He was also careful to select the shows according to the other industries and products that would be promoted in them. He even went as far as creating promotional signs and developing a script that he would deliver to people who stopped by his booth.

Tips For Engaging Visitors At Trade Shows

John realized that he had to simply and make clear exactly what he offered. He had to set aside the jargon and technical terms of his trade craft and use instead the plain language of ordinary people. He was eventually able to do this, and he made quite an impression on a number of individuals who visited his trade show booth.

When he completed his tour of trade shows in the region, he did not know what to expect. In the next few weeks, he received more calls and emails soliciting his services than he had received over the past year. His assistant was overwhelmed with the volume of new business, and he had to take on more people to handle the calls, emails, and social media messages.

Why Trade Shows Should Be Central To Your Marketing Campaign

John never forgot the success he had with that first trade show tour. Since that time, he has done the same kind of trade show tours in different parts of the country. He makes it a point of spending his time and marketing dollars in this way because it has gotten results.

John’s investigative business now thrives, and he has recently taken on a partner to handle the enormous workload that has come his way.

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