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A Trade Show Can Promote Your Brand Throughout The Country

trade showsPeter Gant believed he could sell anything, so when he inherited his late father’s ice cream shop he saw it as a new opportunity. Peter had gone into real estate after finishing college, and had become one of the most successful brokers in the state. He had sold his company the year prior to his father’s passing, and was looking for his next business venture. He saw it in the small family business that came into his possession.

The shop was popular with children and families in the neighborhood where it was located, but Peter believed his father’s tasty homemade ice cream could be distributed to a much larger market. To this end, he raised the capital necessary to turn it into a larger franchise that sold buckets of ice cream to retail outlets and individual customers around the country. Within a year, he had purchased the space and hired the staff to make ice cream on an industrial scale.

Everything seemed to go well during that second year. But Peter noticed that most of the orders the company received were mostly from local grocers and individuals—from the local people and businesses who knew the family. His online campaign was not working, so Peter tried something different.

A Trade Show Is An Effective Way To Promote Your Brand

Peter decided to participate in a trade show. He had completely renovated his father’s old shop to give it a hip and modern feel. He hired a young and dynamic manager to oversee the shop that still served walk-in customers and another young, forward-thinking manager to run the bulk sale side of the business. His plan was to utilize the energy and enthusiasm of these new people in the trade show .

Selecting A Trade Show

Extending the name, brand, and reputation of his ice cream shop was Peter’s great challenge. To do this, he would have to be very careful in the trade shows he selected. After careful study, he decided to take his team on the road. They would attend trade shows in three different cities. The shows were chosen according to the visitors most likely to attend them.

Trade Show Management And Outreach

Richard selected the best people from both sides of his business to represent the company. He gave each of the dozen members a standard script to memorize. They were allowed to use their own words and vary it as the situation demanded, but they were all tasked with mentioning the key features of the company’s homemade ice cream—which was to be done in less than 60 seconds while the person tasted a sample.

To keep his team motivated and focused, he allowed them to wear their own clothes and encouraged them to make personal connections with those who stopped by.

The event was a success. People from outside of his family’s neighborhood tasted the ice cream for the first time. The response was a five-fold increase in the number of packaged orders from outside the shop’s hometown. Sales from walk-in business increased as well.

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