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A Trade Show May Just Be What You Need To Get Your New Business Going

advertising display standBernice Johnson was a life-long lover of books. She majored in English Literature in college, and took a job in a publishing firm afterwards. She rose to the top quickly and learned the business of marketing books and authors. The death of a loved one left her with a considerable inheritance. She soon afterwards decided to leave her job and to open her own book store.

Bernice set as her target market readers with discriminating tastes. She stocked the shelves of her bookstore with high quality titles and promoted the work of authors well-known to the literary public. Her first year of trading went well. But then business began to taper off. Bernice knew she needed to change her marketing strategy. She decided that participating in a trade show  would give her shop the kind of publicity and boost it needed.

Why You Should Use A Trade Show To Promote Your Company

Bernice did not know what to expect at the trade show. However, she knew how to approach the kind of people who would be interested in visiting her shop. She worked with a trade show booth company to develop the kind of booth that would attract them. She also formulated a sales pitch that would appeal to them.

Bernice brought a sample of the books she sold in her shop, laying them out on the table so that people could see the titles. She also placed autographed photos of some of the famous authors she had known and worked with when in the publishing.

On the day of the trade show, things started out slow. Few people visited her booth in the morning. However, as the day went on traffic picked up. Bernice was surprised—and pleased—to see the large number of young couples who attended the trade show. A number of them stopped by her booth, chatted with her, and promised to visit her shop.

How To Succeed In A Trade Show

Participation in the trade show paid off. Foot traffic to her store increased substantially. This was mostly the result of recommendations made on social media. Bernice made sure to tell the individuals who visited her booth to go to her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. She put a great deal of effort in keeping them updated. The people she spoke to actually went to these sites. After a while Bernice and her small, struggling, high quality bookshop became a social media sensation.

This new fame came as a result of her participation in that first trade show. Bernice took notice of that and made going to trade shows a primary part of her marketing strategy.

In the wake of her success, Bernice hired more staff. She has formed what she calls a trade show team. Each member of it must memorize the sales pitch she came up with. They are free to alter it as they see fit, as long as they hit a few essential points.

Bernice’s business has done so well that she is now looking at opening a second book shop. She has also started an online ordering service.

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