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Boost Your Bottom Line By Participating In A Trade Show

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trade show displaysJames Harrison had a problem. His pet food store was not doing as well as he anticipated. In the first six months, the business struggled to break even. After that, its financial situation deteriorated even further.

James took out a loan to launch a new advertising campaign, which targeted the people who lived nearest his store. Although he also served his diverse range of high quality pet food online, he believed that the local market would be his largest. He was wrong. The local advertising that he did had no effect and business remained sluggish.

He was speaking to a fellow entrepreneur one day, and the man mentioned the success he enjoyed after participating in a trade show. James had heard of trade shows, but had never thought of being part of one. The following month, James went to a local trade show his friend told him about. What he saw impressed him.

A Trade Show Can Help You Expand Your Customer Base

The trade show he attended was filled with people of all ages and backgrounds. In fact, James could see that a lot of young families, many of whom probably had pets, came to the event and made a day of it.

When he got home, he made arrangements to rent a space and purchase a booth for the next trade show that would be in the area.

The results of participating in the event exceeded his expectations. As he suspected, many of the families that came out had one or more pets at home. They liked the fact that his company sold nutritious food for many different kinds of animals. Some individuals made purchases on the spot; others took cards and flyers and promised to visit his store and to check out his online site.

In the weeks that followed the trade show, James saw a significant increase in online purchases. Although foot traffic in his physical store went up, it paled in comparison to his online sales. As his business grew, he hired staff to better manage the online operations of the business.

How To Maximize Your Marketing Opportunities In A Trade Show

The most unexpected development in the trade show was the interview he did with an online magazine that covered topics related to pet health and nutrition. James did not realize that journalists came to trade shows in search of stories, and when one of them approached him he was glad to answer her questions.

James later discovered that the article was published, and that the name of his company had gone viral among the pet lovers that read the magazine. This explained why he had done so well with online sales after the event.

Getting The Trade Show Booth You Need

James made participation in trade shows a standard part of his sales and marketing operation. The experience of the first event taught him the importance of being very selective in the purchase of his trade show booth. He needed one that appealed to young families, and he only worked with those vendors who could offer him trade show booths that would help him meet that aim.

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