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John Donner retired from his civilian job with military intelligence. He had served long and honorably and looked forward to

James Harrison had a problem. His pet food store was not doing as well as he anticipated. In the first

Gina Anderson resigned from her high-power job as an investment banker and returned to her first love—books. She majored in

Mark Walton had established a new kind of catering business. The aim of his company was to make it possible

For the first time in her life Carol Jennings felt the need to occupy herself with work. She was fortunate

Tom Faraday had realized his life-long dream. He had left the relative safety and comfort of his corporate marketing job

Ron Fisher had risen rapidly in the mattress business. When he opened the doors to his store, he became an

For many businesses that attend trade shows, there are one or two events that are their primary sources of potential