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Discover the Enduring Value of Marketing in a Trade Show

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trade showsLife as a masseuse would be much better than working a dead-end job in a restaurant—so thought Denise Cary. She had completed her training, obtained her certificate, and received her license to practice. Financial investors and other backers helped her set up her convert part of her home into a studio. She had been fortunate to have been awarded the house in her divorce settlement. It was in a relatively prosperous, upscale neighborhood, which she figured would be the perfect place to attract new clients.

The first few months of operation were slow. She didn’t want to get too deeply into debt, so she ran a modest marketing campaign that consisted of flyers and online ads. When these did not bring her the kind of business she needed to bring in a sustainable income, she thought about borrowing more money from the people who had given her the original loans used to set up shop. She knew the move would put her in the kind of precarious situation she had so far avoided. She held off acting on the idea until she could consider it further.

One weekend a good friend of hers asked Denise to take a day trip with her to trade show that was on at a city close to theirs. Denise agreed and went along with her friend to the day-long event.

She had never been to a trade show before, and what she saw she liked. In fact, going to the trade show inspired her with a new marketing plan. Rather than go deeper into debt she would put what money she had into renting a space and getting a booth for the next trade show to come her way.

Denise did exactly that, and the results were phenomenal. She decided before hand to put her all into the event. She offered free simple massages, offered a contest to win a free extended massage in her studio, and filled her trade show booth with literature about what she offered as well as some of the creams and oils she used as a masseuse.

Not even week after the trade show, her business grew at such a fast and furious pace she had to take on an administrate assistance to keep take the calls and manage her schedule. Soon afterwards, her shop became the buzz of the neighborhood and attracted the clientele she had originally wanted.

The Enduring Value of Trade Shows

Many people wrongly assume that trade shows are an outdated holdover of the past. The fact is they are still relevant. Millions of people from all over the country attend trade shows and trade fairs regularly. If you are an entrepreneur struggling to get a foothold in the market, participating in a trade show may be the most effective and expeditious way of doing so. It can be a crucial means of engaging directly with the people who might be in the market for your goods or services.

It is important to make the most of the opportunity. Working with expert designers and builders of trade show booths is the way to go.

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