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Discover The Many Benefits Of Purchasing A Trade Show Booth

Gina Anderson resigned from her high-power job as an investment banker and returned to her first love—books. She majored in English Literature in college and it was only the desperate need to find a marketable vocation that she got into the world of high finance. But she never stopped collecting rare, antique, and first edition books, and she kept her contacts in the community.

Indeed, her energetic mind combined with gradual accumulation of money put her in a position of hunting down and storing up a great many first edition volumes of texts stretching nearly three centuries back.

After amassing enough wealth to keep her comfortable, she decided to open a bookshop in which she would sell some of her considerable stock of old books and devote herself to the search for even more volumes.

There Is No Limit To What Can Be Sold At A Trade Show…Here Is How To Make The Most Of An Event

Gina knew of the potential of online marketing. Although some antique book dealing was done online, it was not significant enough to justify a huge investment. And she knew that the intra-industry trade was steady but small. She wanted to reach a larger audience that would actually respond to the prospect of buying rare and first-edition books.

She decided to rent a space and purchase a booth at a trade show that was coming to her city. The event itself proved a valuable use of her time and money.

Although Gina was relatively new to the world of bookselling, her years in business gave her an instinct for marketing. She realized the need to change the image of book buying.

With the help of a first-rate trade show booth company she designed a booth that was edgy and fun. The old leathery books that she brought to the event were of course the main attraction. But she also put up quirky posters of classic authors and played a succession of recently released costume dramas based on many of the books that she sold. That drew a younger crowd to her booth, and she actually managed to sell a few old books at the trade show and got promises from twentysomethings to visit her shop.

Here Is How To Get A Write-Up About Your Business At A Trade Show

Gina was a thorough person by nature. She knew that trade journalists often visit trade shows looking for worthwhile stories. Gina had always been good with people, and she put this skill to use by telling light-hearted stories and anecdotes about some of the old books she sold. Eventually she did attract the eye of a journalist and then another one. By the end of the event she had given interviews to journalists from three separate publications.

The message here is simple: the surest way to get a write-up about your business at a trade show is to create a fun and entertaining spectacle.

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