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Drawing the Right Kind of Attention to Your Trade Show Booth

Getting noticed on a trade show floor when surrounded by hundreds of other displays takes a bit of creative thinking. You have to have the right resources and tools, as well as an attractive booth display. However, your competitors and everyone around you will try to do the same thing, so here are a few things to keep in mind.


Trade Show Display Booth

One of the main things that draws people to booths is the promise of finding out what the latest and greatest technology is. If you keep a new product prominently displayed near the front of your booth, you are much more to draw attention than if you hide it away within. Make sure to use enough signs to draw attention from further out on the show floor. Another great approach is to make sure those manning the booth are high-energy, enthusiastic employees who can make others feel equally as excited about the product.

Tradeshow Signs

If you go the route of using custom signage, take the time to invest a few dollars more into getting signs with copy that turns heads is worth it. Not only will you attract more visitors, but the right signs can help to increase your conversion rates right from the get-go.

Tradeshow Personnel

While this isn’t strictly appearance related, ensuring you have the right personnel manning your booth is important. The point was briefly touched on early, but aside from having high-energy vendors, you have to make sure they are knowledgeable and well informed about the product. The right people at the booth can make all the difference in the world when it comes to making the sale.

Tradeshow Booth Display Pieces

So what kind of equipment can you set up in your booth to ensure a great display? There are several kinds, some more suitable for certain businesses more than others. For instance, if you’re selling books, putting banner stands of your most popular titles will be a better choice than a flag. However, if you’re selling technological equipment, then a hanging banner display, or even a fabric pop-up booth that clearly lays out the technology could be a great choice.

Besides those, there are dozens of other options, including display accessories, modular booths, poster frames, and more. The key to making the most of your booth is finding a great retailer that can supply you with what you need for a price that doesn’t break the budget. If you run an independent shop, saving money is important. If you work for another company,then finding a way to cut costs can only help your employer’s impression of you.

Making a good impression at trade shows can bring in a huge amount of business and win you multiple contracts. The key is knowing how to set up a booth and what to do to make it effective. Follow these few tips for some real success.

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