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Every Kind Of Product And Service Can Be Sold At A Trade Show

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trade show displaysJoe Right was an expert in communications and public relations. He spent twenty years working for various corporate firms. His extensive experience gave him the confidence he needed to open his own company, and to branch out into areas he had not worked in before. He had already built up a significant clientele in the corporate world. And he continued to provide service to these clients after starting his firm.

The money was good. Joe could have easily lived off the contacts he made in the corporate world forever. But he was moved to do something new and exciting. He wanted to get involved in local and community causes, but he did not know how to make contact with individuals and groups that he might serve.

Within six months of starting his company, Joe made a bold step. He decided to go to a place in which he could meet ordinary people. He decided to participate in a trade show .

Every Kind Of Clientele Can Be Found In A Trade Show

Joe had little experience with this kind of marketing. But from the information he gathered from his research, the ordinary people he hoped to make contact with often went to trade show events. As a communications expert, Joe had a knack for messaging that would attract his target audience. This skill did not fail him at the trade show.

A number of local leaders, including pastors, community activists, and local politicians stopped by his booth to speak to him. He was able to make the kind of contacts that he wanted, and he was able to diversify his PR practice.

Indeed, his trade show debut was so successful that he doubled his clientele within a month of the event. He had to take on additional staff to deal with the volume of inquiries. He also recruited communications professionals with far more experience in doing community and local government communications work than him.

Managing A Trade Show

Since that first trade show Joe Right has managed to expand both his corporate clientele and his community-based work. He has also opened an office in another city. Joe has big plans to expand into other locales that may find his services useful. He still participates in trade shows around the country. He has also learned how to set up and better manage a trade show booth.

He has trained a small group of his employees to engage with the people who visit his booth. They know how to speak to community leaders who may be looking for people to help them. This has resulted in a significant interest in Joe Right’s firm from individuals and groups of various kinds. Joe has gained experienced running nearly every kind of marketing and PR campaign. He has helped the citizens of a neighborhood save the local park where their children go to play. He has also helped a local politician win re-election.

Joe continues to use trade shows to make contact with ordinary people across the country.

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