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Generate New Business By Participating In A Trade Show Event

After spending years as an amateur jewelry maker, Lauri Bosworth finally got the financing she needed to start her own shop. Lori’s goal was to offer high quality creative designs to the public at a reasonable cost. In addition to the jewelry she made in her own design studio, she also served as a retailer for artists across the country. She sold jewelry in a small shop and through an online portal.

Her first customers consisted of people who had heard about her shop through friends and family. Although Lori did not expect success right away, she knew that the business could not continue without a major increase in sales.

One Sunday evening, Lori had dinner with her parents. They told her all about the trade show  event they went to the previous day. The young entrepreneur was intrigued by what she heard. That night she did a bit of research on the topic. The next day she made arrangements to participate in an upcoming trade show near where she lived.

A Trade Show Can Help You Connect To Your Target Market

Lori did not know what to expect. She was nevertheless surprised by the size and diversity of the crowd. She did not realize that so many young people—people like her—took such an active interest in trade shows.

She brought a small sample of the jewelry on sale at her shop, and the people who stopped by her booth were genuinely curious about what they saw. She even made a handful of sales on the spot. More importantly, the people who came up to her asked her for information about her shop and the kinds of jewelry she sold.

In the weeks that followed, the foot traffic into Lori’s shop increased significantly. After a few months things got so busy she was forced to hire a sales assistant. Her online sales also skyrocketed. At first she was able to deal with all the new orders herself, but after a while it became too much and she had to make another addition to her workforce.

Lori investigated the cause of this new business. She discovered that a number of the individuals who had visited her trade show booth had reviewed and recommended her jewelry online. To keep this momentum going, Lori launched a social media campaign to allow people to interact and share their experiences. This strengthened her connection to her customers and helped grow her business even further.

The Importance Of Getting The Right Trade Booth

Lori participated in every trade show event that came to her city. She also traveled to other cities when she could to be part of trade shows. One of the most valuable things she learned from that first experience was the importance of getting the right trade booth. She always selected a trade booth that would make her seem approachable to people who may be unfamiliar with the kind of jewelry she sold. The trade show booth also had to allow her to display her items so that people could easily see them at a distance.

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