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Increase Your New Business Profile By Participating In A Trade Show

Paula Fuentes opened a catering business. After 20 years as a professional chef, she had the experience and expertise to make such a company work. Paula specialized in vegan recipes. She transformed the last restaurant she worked into one of the premiere vegan bistros in Boston.

She brought a number of the cooks she had trained and mentored over the years into her new business. Her years of ordering from and working with various suppliers allowed her to purchase what she needed at discount prices. Paula raised the money necessary to establish her catering shop, and in a very short time she was taking orders from the public.

Her first customers consisted mostly of patrons who knew her as one of the best chefs in Boston. But she could not run the company indefinitely on this limited base of clients. Paula had no choice but to expand her customer base. If she failed to do so, she would have to go out of business.

She decided to participate in a local trade show .

Why You Should Use A Trade Show To Promote Your Company

She knew that veganism had made inroads among these groups, and that she could provide services to them throughout the city. Boston is a large city filled with finance, law, and high tech industries as well as some of the best universities in the country. Paula knew there would be no end of graduation ceremonies, wedding receptions, and office parties that would need her particular kind of catering. She designed her trade show booth to attract the attention of those in her target market.

The trade show was full of young couples from all over the city, the county, and the state. A great many people came to her booth, and the small team of employees she had assembled was able to greet each person and give them the pitch she had formulated.

In the weeks following the trade show the number of orders she received online quadrupled. She also got a lot of positive mentions and recommendations on social media.

Strategy—The Key To Success In A Trade Show

The experience of that first trade show demonstrated the power and potency of such an event. Paula made participating in trade shows one of her highest priorities. She created detailed plans for each one she went to.

She made each member of her trade show team memorize a short sales pitch. They were allowed to use their own words as along as they hit certain key points about the company. They were also encouraged to be friendly and personable with the people who stopped by. The centerpiece of the trade show booth was the sample spread of vegan food prepared by her and the other cooks. Visitors were allowed to taste the various dishes so that they can get an idea of the high quality of the food.

The hard work and preparation paid off. Her business has expanded quite rapidly. She has had to take on more cooks and hire more staff. Paula now runs the number one vegan catering company in Boston.

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