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Learn How To Expand Your Marketing Opportunities In A Trade Show

Elizabeth Branch quit her job and opened her own kitchen supplies store. After less than a decade in the industry, she was confident that she had what it took to succeed.

Her business grew steadily in the first few months, but then things started to slow. In response, she launched an online advertising campaign. This still did not get her the kind of revenue she needed to sustain her business, so she held a meeting with her sales and marketing team to explore how the company could better connect to its target audience.

In the course of the meeting, one of her junior associates brought up the possibility of participating in a trade show. Elizabeth had never thought of using a trade show to market her brand and products, but she wrote the idea down and decided to follow it up later.

A Trade Show Can Help You Connect To Your Target Market

Elizabeth went to a trade show near where she lived. What she found surprised and excited her. The demographic group her company most wanted to attract was young mothers, and they were at the trade show in very large numbers.

It did not take her long to decide her next move. The first thing she did when she got home was to learn when the next trade show would take place. She then made arrangements to rent a space and purchase a booth.

Her company’s participation in the trade show went well. Elizabeth met and spoke to a number of young moms who showed genuine interest in the products on display. Many of them promised to visit her store or purchase the items they liked online.

How To Use Trade Shows To Generate Sales

The week after the trade show, sales both online and in-store went up significantly. This gave her marketing team more opportunities to expand the company’s customer base and to increase its revenue stream.

Elizabeth participated in other trade shows in the area. One of the most important lessons she learned from that first event was the power of networking. Elizabeth ensured that the company had a strong presence on social media. She made sure that the young moms who visited her booth knew where to find the company’s pages on the most popular social media sites.

Elizabeth checked these sites in the days after the first trade show event and discovered that many of the individuals had written posts about how much they enjoyed meeting Elizabeth and testing the different products on display. This generated a great deal of buzz, which is why interest in her store soared so quickly.

The Importance Of Customizing Your Trade Show Booth

The other great lesson was the importance of choosing the right trade show booth and customizing it to suit the intended messaging and marketing style of the company. Elizabeth wanted to make her products look cutting-edge and easy to use. She worked closely with the vendor who sold her the trade show booth to create that exact impression.

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