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Learn How To Grow Your Business With Trade Shows

Mark Walton had established a new kind of catering business. The aim of his company was to make it possible for busy professionals to put together last minute dinner parties. He wanted to make it possible for people to get large gourmet meals instantly. Rather than concentrating all the cooking in one establishment he established a network of independent chefs who were on-call to prepare meals for large groups within hours of ordering.

The first year saw a significant spurt of growth, but then business slowed. Mark knew that most of his customers consisted of people he had come to know over the years when he worked as a chef in various restaurants in the city.

Trade Shows Are An Option For You—They Take Place In Cities Across America

The young culinary entrepreneur knew that the only way to gain a significant foothold in his target market was to go beyond the people who knew him. He raised the capital necessary to launch a new online marketing campaign, but it had little effect on his bottom line.

One day while sifting through the web searching for new ideas he came across link on trade shows. He clicked on it and discovered that an event was scheduled near where he lived. Mark purchased a booth.

How To Regain Marketing Momentum With Trade Shows

The idea of re-launching his business at a trade show had never occurred to him, but the results he attained surprised him. The very professionals he was out to attract were there in droves. He discovered that many such people go to trade shows as a way of getting out of the house. Others do it as a matter of practice; they want to find out about the latest goods and services on the market before everyone else.

Mark set up a mini-kitchen right in his booth and gave samples and tasters to the people who stopped by it. The one day event brought constant traffic to his booth and he was able to distribute plenty of menus and make quite a few contacts with potential customers.

In the months after the event, Mark’s business grew tremendously. It grew so fast in such a short period of time that he had to hire staff to help find new high quality chefs to join his catering network.

Customizing Your Trade Show Booth—Learning Your Options And Choosing The Right One

Mark now goes to trade show events regularly. The one thing he learned from the first event is the importance of the trade show booth. Trade shows are all about messaging and showmanship. Mark worked with a trade show booth company that helped him design a space that gave the exact impression of his business and his brand that he wanted. People were attracted by the distinct appearance of him and his crew.

He continues to work with that same company and has refined his booth to be even more distinguished and appealing.

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