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Learn How to Increase Your Business by Participating in a Trade Show

trade showsGeorge Ritter was in the plastics case business. He manufactured and marketed sturdy, reliable, mold-hardened plastic cases to a range of industries and individuals. His expertise in the design and production process and his years of experience in a large plastic case company gave him advantages that his financial backers believed would pay off.

Shortly after he began operating, an early surge in orders seemed promising. Plans were made to expand the small, versatile, high-tech plant into something that could produce a greater volume of goods. As the months went on, however, those ideas had to be put on hold. Business slowly declined and after a while went flat. In the second year of operation, George struggled to break even. He could count on a few loyal clients, but no new business came his way.

Desperate to reinvigorate his flailing company, George borrowed further to pursue an aggressive online marketing campaign. The results were not encouraging.

One Monday morning, he was chatting with his administrative assistant about what she had done over the weekend. The young woman told George that she and her boyfriend had gone to a trade show  in a nearby town. She regaled George with a story of the many new and exciting products she had seen, many of which she was completely unfamiliar with. The talk got him to thinking. Setting up his own trade show booth and engaging the public directly may be the way to go.

Later that morning, he gathered to gather his small sales and marketing team and asked them to look into how the company might participate in a trade show. A plan of action was not long in coming. The company rented space for a booth in a trade show that was coming through town in the following month.

The results were remarkable. There was an immediate and sizable increase in orders after the show. It seems George and his team under estimated the demand for their products among non-professional, DIY homeowners and individuals who liked to restore and repair their own cars and motorbikes. Thanks to the trade show George discovered a market he did not even know was there.

Learning from trade shows

Participating in a trade show puts you face-to-face with the public. You get the learn first-hand the needs and demands of the people who might potentially buy your product. Although there are many ways to conduct a marketing campaign, being part of a trade show is the most vital. It gives you an opportunity to show your brand, and, as in the case of George Ritter, discover a new market.

Setting up a trade show booth is not something you want to do on you own. You should solicit the help and advice of professionals. You want to ensure your display gets attention; you want to ensure that you generate the kind of foot traffic that will actually result in new business. Only those with the right experience will be able to help you design a trade show booth that meets this aim.

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