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Learn How Trade Show Displays Can Help Build Your Business

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trade showsTom Faraday had realized his life-long dream. He had left the relative safety and comfort of his corporate marketing job and opened a book store that sold high quality books for more discerning readers. His initial capital went into purchasing and refurbishing the building that would be the first in what he hoped would eventually become a chain of bookstores. He also poured a considerable amount of cash into the pursuit of an online marketing strategy.

After a brief surge of interest, the virtual sales campaign trailed off. Over the coming months the customers dripped in, most to browse. He knew that he needed to try something new to boost his store and his brand.

Why A Trade Show Is Good For Every Kind Of Venue

Tom had heard of trade shows. He had a rough idea of what went on at such conventions. It never occurred to him that books were the kinds of products that could be properly promoted in a trade show. Desperate to make a breakthrough, he paid a visit to one. What he saw surprised and amazed him. A range of different companies from industries that he had never heard of had set up booths. He was also impressed by the displays that he witnessed.

That brief experience convinced him of the advantage that he might gain by being part of a trade show and setting up his own booth.

How Trade Show Displays Can Make Your Brand Stand Out

Best Books, the name of Tom’s bookstore, was quite new and very much unknown. Tom knew enough about marketing to understand that he needed to make the company appear more prominent and robust than it was. His first move after renting a space to set up a trade show booth was to get in touch with a premiere trade show display company.

The people he spoke to worked with Tom to design a brilliant and beautifully crafted booth display that would emphasize and draw attention to the unique nature of what his store offered. The team also worked with him on the arrangement of the space. He learned how to use props, present signs, and make the entire space that he controlled more appealing to those in attendance.

On the day of the trade show, Tom received more traffic than he expected. He never realized that there were so many bookish people in the area. They took a genuine interest in visiting his shop and nearly everyone took one of his business cards. Overall, the show seemed like a success.

The Concrete Benefits Of A Trade Show Booth

Tom’s feeling was verified over the next few months. Traffic to his book store and actual purchases of books ticked up significantly. He also received a great deal of traffic to his website and social media page.

The people who come to trade shows are looking for what is new and interesting in consumer goods. Participating in a trade show with the right trade show displays will get their attention, and they will not only buy your product they will spread the word about you to their friends, family, and colleagues.

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