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Learn the Many Advantages of Participating in a Trade Show

trade showsRon Fisher had risen rapidly in the mattress business. When he opened the doors to his store, he became an instant star. After twenty years of working as both a retailer and a distributor he knew everything there was to know about identifying, obtaining, and selling the highest quality mattresses. He made connections among producers, gained the confidence of financiers, and groomed a cadre of retail talent who left went with him when he decided to start his own business.

It became a boutique operation in a quiet upscale suburb in southern California. Nothing but the best from mattress makers from all over the world was his motto. And he fashioned his brand out of a money-back guarantee of a comfortable sleep. The first couple of years saw a solid stream of sales, but Ron never trusted those numbers. Much of that revenue came from clients he had already known from his days as an employee along with people they had recommended. What he wanted was an influx of new customers from outside of the immediate area. He wanted to become one of those specialty shops that people drive long distance to come to.

By the third year, business trailed off. Sales were down and showed no signs of improving. Ron had gone through the usual exercises in advertising. None produced the business that he wanted—or needed.

One day a business associate invited him to a trade fair. Ron knew of trade fairs, but believed them to be a relic of the past. He liked to think of himself as a forward-looking and innovative entrepreneur, and was always on the lookout for the latest practice and technology of the times. What he saw at the fair took him completely by surprise. Far from being a scene in which vendors hawked their wares in futility, he witnessed a vibrant and lively marketplace filled with business people of all ages. It was wired in the 21st century fashion, with exhibition displays that were sleek and appealing.

The first thing he did the Monday after the trade show was to call his sales and marketing team together and tell them to put a plan together for participating in the next trade fair. He got his company into a trade fair that took place a couple of months later. Doing so brought revived the fortunes of his business. He attracted a whole new clientele and even saw a surge in his online business. It was the best move he ever made.

Growing Your Business With Trade Show Promotion

Trade shows remain one of the most potent instruments for business and brand promotion. The important thing is to plan for your participation. Working with a company that specializes in producing and selling trade show exhibition materials is essential. You want to have a layout and program that gets people’s attention; that gives them a chance to see and feel what you are selling. This is the best way to make the kind of impression that will not only get you a sale, but encourage the buyer to recommend you to their friends.

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