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Mistakes You Might Be Making on Your Trade Show Displays

Business signs and display stands are created every day and as experts in the industry, we have seen signs that could use a little help! On top of the simple characteristics like having high-resolution photos, there are other mistakes even you might be making with your displays! Here are a few common design oversights you should fix now: 

There is too much going on

We know you want to get your services or products across to your potential customers, but overwhelming them with information before they even get to your booth is not the way to do it. Our attention spans are short and the quicker you can get across your company name, your service or product, and how it can help their business, the better.

Printing text too low

Nearly anything below the waistline will not be easy to see or read by visitors at your booth. Keep the essential parts of your design higher, so they are easily visible in a crowded exhibit hall. You will be thankful for the time spent creating a design that will be noticed and viewed!

Using fonts that are too elaborate

You will want your displays to be visible from 10-15 feet away and “fancier” fonts can be difficult to read. Keep your fonts simple, and your visitors will be able to learn more about your services and products, even from a distance!

Cutting important images in half

Depending on the kinds of displays you use for trade shows, they might be separated into different panels that need to be pieced together. Be sure your logo is not placed too close to the edge, in the bleed or on a seam to avoid distortion.

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