There is nothing like a trade show to get you the exposure and publicity you need. It is a powerful and effective way of promoting your merchandise. Trade shows bring consumers from all over the region to a particular center to view, ponder over, and make some judgment about new products. A trade show that is well-organized and well-advertised can become quite an exciting social event. It may attract hundreds of people, giving them the chance to see all that is new and interesting in the world of consumer goods.

I am no stranger to trade shows, having been an exhibitor for over twenty years. However, what I am a stranger to is the need for so-called “booth babes”.

If you’ve attended any trade show over the past ten years, especially those targeted at the tech and auto industries, you have no doubt seen your fair share of booth babes. These are the scantily clad women that seem to dominate the show in their barely their attire. Some are proud to sport their wares in bikinis while others favor the mini and micro mini skirts and dresses. Others choose the latex route, wearing catsuits only fit for Cat Woman herself. And then there are those that push the limits of booth babeism altogether and wear little more than paint.

trade-showAfter spending many years as a marketing executive for my company and attending hundreds of trade shows, I have finally come up with a formula for success. This formula works no matter what business you are in or what you are attempting to market. Fall is the perfect time to upgrade your trade show strategies and get maximum exposure before the end of the year. So, what is my formula for success in trade shows?

1. Look for shows in vertical markets. Many articles have been written regarding attending industry tradeshows, but when is the last time you looked at vertical markets that your customers might be attending. Look, there is a lot of competition for attention in industry shows. However, if you can find a few trade shows in vertical markets, you will oftentimes have less competition, meaning that you will have exclusive access to your customers. Exclusive access makes for more leads.

consumer_electronics_showDiscovering how best to market your product requires some thought and reflection. There is no shortage of channels by which to introduce a new good, service or brand to the public. Trade shows, expos, fairs, and other organized vendor publicity events can be instrumental in presenting your company and the products you sell to a wider audience.

Although they seem antiquated in the world of television, Internet, cell phones and the worldwide web, trade show booths still have the power to attract audiences; and trade show fairs are still rather popular throughout the nation.

You should always prepare well for any event you’re scheduled to participate in. Your object is to maximize the amount of attention given to your product. In doing so, you want to ensure the following measures are put in place:

trade-showYou created your product to fulfill a market need. You have taken some problem, some difficult, some missing thing in the lives of ordinary people and come up with a solution. The device or mechanism you’ve forged from long hours of experimentation, craftsmanship, and intelligence will help people give people yet more convenience that will make their lives better. This is a good start. The hardest part lies ahead of you. To get the word out about your product you must engage in an energetic and vigorous marketing and publicity campaign. One of the best ways to start this endeavor is by presenting your product at a tradeshow.

Tradeshow events, expos, fairs, and other organized product marketing events are designed to give established companies and independent vendors like yourself a moment to show your newest invention to the world. You will be able to set up a booth and set out your latest product or line of products for all to see. Depending on your own preferences and budget, you will also be able to demonstrate its functionality and make clear to an audience of interested observers the range of its capabilities.