Imagine a group of potential clients and competitors physically meeting in one locale for the purpose of doing business and making new contacts. Now imagine that your company decides to pass on the opportunity. There is no logical reason for any company that is interested in boosting sales to miss out. The benefits of a carefully selected trade show that caters to your potential clients are many. Below are just a few of the top contenders.

trade showsThere are tangible benefits for companies that incorporate trade shows into their marketing plan. While there are costs associated with participating in a trade show, strategically selecting trade shows based on the quality of likely contacts means that the benefits will far outweigh the costs involved. As is true for any marketing activity, the ROI must justify the effort. Since trade shows offer a superior forum for doing business, it is important to recognize that simply showing up at a trade show does not guarantee a profitable experience. Preparation is key for maximizing the opportunity.

You can’t match the value of trade shows in the business world when it comes to boosting employee morale.

consumer electronics tradeshows

As a sales professional for a large personal electronics distributor, I like going to trade shows. My team members and I regularly operate a booth at many of the larger consumer electronics trade shows and I can tell you that having the opportunity to attend these shows is one of the main reasons I have remained employed with my current employer for so many years. Presenting at a trade show gives me the opportunity to see and compare all of the latest and greatest technology all under one roof-including seeing it in action and having the opportunity to get up close and personal with all the newest gadgets, allows us to attend educational seminars, and gives us access to one of the largest networking opportunities available in a non competitive environment.

trade showsA lot can change in a year … what can you expect in 2014 from the trade show industry? Each year presents a different set of challenges and opportunities for businesses and the trade show industry as a whole. In order to help exhibitors prepare for the upcoming year, the Trade show Suppliers Blog offers an insider’s look into the trade show industry and the analyses of what to expect from the year ahead.

In an interview conducted by, most of the organizers of major trade shows are optimistic about the trade show industry as a whole and have a keen interest to emphasize live shows and new technologies in 2014. The three year forecast provided in the 2012 CEIR Index Report continues to reflect overall growth for tradeshows as long as the American economy continues to strengthen. In 2013, most large trade shows have averaged between 1050 and 1100 exhibitors and the top organizers predict that many new companies will enter the trade show arena in 2014.

As the leading sales executive for a global communications company, Steven Childers is often approached by junior members of the sales team for advice and mentoring. One of the questions he is asked regularly is why he embraces the trade show circuit. Other veteran sales team members, like Dave Reynolds, saw trade shows as a complete waste of time and only attended them when his attendance was required.

Dave relies heavily upon tried and true methods for generating sales volume: cold calling, prospecting, and creating presentations, over trade show attendance, which has met with moderate success. He seems to have no trouble making his numbers at the end of each month, but spends twice as much time landing the sales he needs.