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Participating in a Trade Show Can Completely Transform Your Business

Peter Branch spent a career in the catering business. He got his first big break with a well-established catering and event management company. He spent the next fifteen years in different roles, and learned the business thoroughly. Eventually, he opened up his own catering business. He put the financing together and used the contacts he made over the years to establish a customer base.

In his first year of operation, Peter did well. His business received a steady stream of orders. In the second year, his business saw almost no growth. He knew he needed to do something to shake things up. That is when he decided to participate in a trade show .

Why Trade Shows Are Still Relevant

Peter was part entrepreneur, part cook, and part showman. He had a life-long love for food, hospitality, and showing people a good time. He modeled much of his business around his personality. He believed that ordinary people should be able to get their events catered with high quality food, and he designed a business model to deliver exactly this.

Peter worked with a trade show booth company to design a booth that would allow him to be at his best during the event. He brought a mini-grill, oven, and other compact cooking equipment to the trade show and prepared food samples on the spot. He was practiced as an entertainer and communicator and was able to speak to those who visited his booth as he cooked. This made a great impression on everyone, and as the day went on the crowd that gathered around his booth increased.

Managing A Trade Show

The trade show was a success. In its aftermath, his catering company became a social media sensation. Peter did a great deal of promotion on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. He encouraged those who visited his booth to go to these pages for updates. Many of them did so, and he saw traffic to his social media sites triple. Orders also increased. In fact, orders for his services increased at such a sudden and rapid rate that he had to hire more staff.

Peter realized that his new success stemmed from participation in the trade show. From then on he made such performances a hallmark of this marketing strategy. He now participates regularly in trade shows throughout the region. He hand picks members of his staff to accompany and support him.

Peter uses his participation in trade shows to put on a performance. He does this well. He knows how to please and delight the crowd that gathers around his trade show booth. The job of his staff is to ensure that the people who stop by his booth have the information they need to contact the company. Each person must also trained to deliver a standard pitch on what the catering company offers and what they will find if they go to its social media pages.

All of this has led to so much growth that Peter has had to expand his operation, including the expansion of his kitchen and the hiring of more staff to deal with increased order volume.

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