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Participating In A Trade Show Can Help Grow Your Business

Tamara Washington made her money in high finance, but that was not her real passion. What she really loved was literature. She had always enjoyed books and was now in a position to do something about that interest. Tamara made a great deal of money on Wall Street, and so she decided to leave the hustle and bustle of that life and open a book shop.

She moved back to her native Los Angeles. She had no trouble raising the capital, and she had a distinct market in mind. Her shop would offer the books that catered to high-brow clientele—that is, educated professionals like her who had to give up the full-time pursuit of literature and culture for more practical activities.

Tamara opened the shop with a small staff of 4 people. She bought and refurbished an old building in a trendy area with the hope that the investment would pay off. In the first few months of trading, it seemed as though it was. Business was quite steady, and new people came in all the time. After a few months, however, things slowed down. By month 6, the shop was in trouble and Tamara knew she needed to take significant action.

How To Leverage A Trade Show

For some time, Tamara had been thinking about participating in a trade show . She had first heard about them through her small business entrepreneur network, but was not convinced it was right for a book shop. Given the gloomy outlook of her business, she decided to give it a go.

She chose a number of upcoming trade show events in southern California. She was careful to select only those in which the participants were from her industry or close to it.

Engaging People At Trade Shows

Her staff was small, and she would have to close the shop for each event. To get the most from both the investment and loss of revenue, Tamara worked to thoroughly prepare her team for each trade show. She wanted her staff to maximize their engagement with individual visitors. She gave each one of them a script to memorize. They would be able to vary it as they needed to, but the main point was to sell the shop—to tell each person why they should shop at it. She also allowed the staff to wear their own clothes, so they would feel comfortable and sociable.

Tamara’s careful planning and preparation worked. Her trade show booth was constantly visited by the people she considered her natural market. Her staff engaged in constant conversations with people, and one or two of them even managed to sell a few books.

A Trade Show Can Help You Grow Your Business

After that initial round of trade show participation, traffic to the book shop skyrocketed. Tamara discovered that the book shop had acquired an overnight reputation of social media, which helped contribute to the sudden explosion in business.

Within 6 months of the trade show, Tamara started making plans to open a second store.

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