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Participating In A Trade Show Can Help You Boost Your Business

Janet Goodman loved food. She dedicated the better part of her life to the study of nutrition. After nearly a decade helping people develop good eating habits, she decided to open a grocery store that would sell many of the foods she recommended.

Her many years as a nutritionists put her into contact with food producers that would were willing to sell to her wholesale at a discount price. She raised the money necessary to establish her first store, and in a very short time opened its doors to the public.

Janet opened her store in the trendy part of town because she figured it would put her close to the clientele she

was after. But after six months of trading, business remained flat. Her initial clientele consisted mostly of individuals she had helped over the years. Janet knew that unless she expanded her customer base she would soon have to close her doors.

She decided she needed to pitch her shop to a wider audience, so she arranged to participate in a trade show .

Why You Should Use A Trade Show To Promote Your Company

Janet’s target market consisted of students and young, upwardly mobile, middle-class professionals. She knew that many individuals of that description lived in the area near her food store. She also knew they were in other parts of the city. She designed her trade show booth and developed a pitch that would attract such people. What she encountered during the event surprised and pleased her.

The trade show was full of young couples from all over the city, the county, and the state. A great many people came to her booth, and the small team of employees she had assembled was able to greet each person and give them the pitch she had formulated.

In the weeks following the trade show the foot traffic to her shop increased significantly. She also got a lot of positive mentions and recommendations on social media. Much to her surprise people drove some distance to visit her shop and make large purchases.

Strategy—The Key To Success In A Trade Show

The experience of that first trade show demonstrated the power and potency of such an event. Janet made participating in trade shows one of her highest priorities. She created detailed plans for each one she went to.

The members of her trade show team, as she called them, were each made to memorize a one-minute sales pitch. They could alter the exact language as long as they made several key points with each customer. Janet encouraged them to be friendly and personable with the people who came to the booth. She also presented samples of the kinds of food sold in her store so that people could get an idea of its quality.

The hard work and preparation paid off. Foot traffic to her store increased even more after she started going to trade shows. She even started selling food online, and this side of the business has taken off in recent months.

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