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Participating in a Trade Show Can Help You Grow Your Customer Base

The idea of a travel book store at first seemed silly to Richard Kim, but as he thought more about it the idea began to intrigue him. After doing some research, he realized that travel is now one of the biggest industries in the world. Not only are more people traveling more than ever before, they are looking for ever greater adventures. If he could offer the best travel books and guides to people in his community and beyond, he may make a success of the business.

Richard’s store opened with great fanfare. As he predicted, people came in search of books that would tell them all that they could possibly know about the place they were about to visit on vacation. His sales and revenues climbed steadily in the first few months of trading, and then came a drop off. He had exhausted his initial clientele and needed to find new customers.

He first tried to increase his online marketing efforts, but this did not have the desired effect. His next move was to participate in a trade show event.

How To Use A Trade Show To Promote Your Company

Richard reserved a space at the next trade show to occur near where he lived. He believed that people from his target audience—travel and adventure lovers—would find his books interesting. He was not disappointed. Dozens of individuals visited his display stand. He had chosen a representative sample of the best volumes carried by the shop and people took a deep interest in them.

Many of the people he spoke to had already booked their overseas vacation and were looking for ways to get the most out of it. Richard gave out cards and fliers for his shop and encouraged them to stop by.

Walk-in traffic nearly quadrupled in the weeks that followed. Richard and his shop also became social media sensations. He saw some faces from the trade show event, but also new people. It was apparent that the people he spoke to recommended his shop to their friends and relatives, which explained his sudden success

Strategy—The Key To Success In A Trade Show

The experience of that first trade show demonstrated the power and potency of such an event. After his first experience, Richard made participating in trade shows his top priority.

The success of his initial trade show forced Richard to hire new staff. He took many of them on the road with him when he went to trade show events throughout the state. He developed a detailed plan for such events. His staff were encouraged to be friendly with visitors and to make specific book recommendations, many of which were on sale at the booth. They were to also encourage trade show patrons to visit the shop itself for more options and to recommend the store to family and friends.

The strategy paid off. Richard’s shop has become so successful that he has established an online store. He has also opened a second shop in a different city.

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