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Participating In A Trade Show Event Can Help You Re-Launch Your Brand

Richard Hartman inherited his uncle’s book shop. It was not an unexpected development in his life, as his uncle had no children of his own and told the young business school graduate that he intended to leave him the store when he passed away. Although Richard received an MBA from one of the top schools in the country, he refused to work in a large company. He instead became a serial entrepreneur. He started and sold three companies within ten years, and was in search of his next business venture when he got the word of his uncle’s death.

Richard knew that the bookshop as it was would not make much money. It sold rare and first edition copies—the kind of thing that appealed to a small and dwindling portion of the market. Richard aimed to keep his uncle’s spirit in the bookshop while offering a different product. He invested some of his own money into the refurbishment of the interior so that it had a trendier more bohemian feel. He put the antique books in storage and stacked the shelves with high quality books that would appeal to high-brow readers.

Promoting Your Brand Through A Trade Show

He took two more actions that breathed new life into his uncle’s dying book shop. He hired a young and energetic staff, and he decided to participate in a trade show. As an experienced entrepreneur, Richard understood the power of a trade show to promote a brand. And that is exactly what he intended to do: use the trade show to establish a distinct brand in book selling.

How To Select A Trade Show

Richard thought carefully and strategically in his selection of the trade show events he would attend. A great many trade shows were scheduled to take place in the area in which the shop was based. After careful research, he discerned the ones that would likely have attendees interested in his shop. He also examined the fees required for entry and selected the events that would give him the best value.

Trade Show Management And Outreach

Richard chose the best members of his sales team to actually attend the event. Each one was bright, telegenic, charismatic, and had a quickness of mind that would be useful in engaging visitors and responding to their questions.

He did three events in total. In each one, the individuals on his team made their pre-scripted and memorized sales pitches to the visitors that stopped by the booth. At the same time, they made personal connections with them and chatted freely about favorite books and ones they had yet to read.

Richard also took pictures of the event and the individuals who attended it. These photos were posted on the company’s social media page, which gained many followers as a result.

The trade show events were a success for the re-launched book shop. Richard noticed a significant increase in foot traffic after it was all over. And at the end of the quarter, he could confirm that sales had increased substantially.

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