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Participation In A Trade Show Can Help Grow Your Company

Nicholas Lehman was a software engineer. He had worked for a variety of firms before deciding to set up his own business. He found some success in the field—especially in the gaming market. Nicholas invented and patented a number of games which were made available for download. He soon after expanded into writing programs for online retails stores, local governments, and other entities that employed e-commerce technology.

Most of Nicholas’s new business came through referral. If he was to grow faster, he knew that he needed a dedicated marketing campaign. He therefore launched a robust online marketing effort. He saw a slight uptick of interest in his business, but nothing like what he expected.

A few months later, Nicholas made a bold decision. He decided to market his high-tech company in an old fashion forum. He decided to meet ordinary people face-to-face in a trade show .

Every Kind Of Business Can Find Its Target Market At A Trade Show

Nicholas did not know what to expect. Although unfamiliar with the forum, he was a showman by instinct. He brought to his trade show booth a range of visual displays that would show people what he could do. Nicholas was a master of spectacle and knew how to get people’s attention. The demonstrations he put on worked, and trade show attendees stopped by his booth and asked him questions about his company.

Nicholas met all kinds of people—students, young couples, small business owners, and retirees—who were interested in the apps he had developed. They asked for on-the-spot samples of what he could do for their particular organizations. Nicholas met each person’s challenge and instantly gained their trust and respect.

The trade show was a huge success. Business surged in the months that followed. Nicholas also became somewhat of a social media star. Many of the people who visited his trade show booth posted flattering comments on his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. He received so much new business in such a short period of time that he had to take on new staff.

Managing A Trade Show

As his business continued to grow, Nicholas explored new ways of marketing his company. However, he decided that participating in trade show events around the country would be central to his marketing strategy.

Nicholas improved the way he managed and ran his trade show booth. He uses only a small group of people to help him in these events. The individuals he selected have proven their ability to speak and relate to ordinary people and to explain the various software designs, developments, and applications the company can offer them.

As a result, the business continues to grow. Nicholas has taken on a number of partners and is now able to deliver software services and solutions throughout the country. He has also expanded the gaming part of his company. He has developed a host of new games, some of which can be downloaded for free. The latter has only further promoted his brand and his company.

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