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Promote Your Brand and Business Through Trade Show Events

Brad Williams spent most of his life in the kitchen. First in the kitchen of his father’s restaurant, and then in the kitchens of various other restaurants when he became a chef. His vast experience with how to make good food gave him an advantage when he decided to become a vegan chef. He mastered the existing recipes and experimented to create new ones. After a while he became one of the most sought-after culinary artists in the industry and so he decided to open his own restaurant.

He had a few silent partners, but his food and his personality are what brought people to the establishment. Brad had big plans for his business. His intention was to open a chain across the country. He would select and train the chefs that would make the food in each restaurant and enforce the strictest standards in all of them.

The first restaurant did well. But Brad was eager to take his show on the road. He received a great deal of advice on the forum he should use, but Brad already knew exactly what he wanted to do. He wanted to take his food directly to the people, and he knew the best way to do that was to participate in trade shows across the country.

Every Kind Of Business Can Find Its Target Market At A Trade Show

Brad had his staff research trade show dates for each of the cities he intended to visit. He reserved a space for all of them and worked with trade show display experts to create the right kind of booth for each event.

Brad was quite successful in his gambit. He cooked vegan food samples on the spot and offered them to those who visited his booth. He used a hand-free microphone and amplifier so that he could speak to the assembled crowd as he prepared various dishes. He even encouraged audiences to ask questions, which he obligingly answered in his crisp and friendly way.

Building A Business Through Trade Shows

Brad’s trade show tour through the country was a success. He became an instant star on social media. This led to an increase in bookings at his restaurant. After a year, he had enough capital and stardom to open restaurants in two of the cities in which he had done trade show events. Opening nights in both places were booked within minutes of reservations becoming available online.

Although he trained the chefs who worked in the new restaurants, Jared remained the image of the brand and he continued to do trade show events throughout the country. He always took a team with him. They were well-versed in salesmanship and vegan recipes and gave visitors to the booth the information they needed to order catering and delivery service online.

Jared’s business continues to thrive. He now has nearly a dozen restaurants across the country. He continues to tour the country through trade show events which helps him build up clientele for the next restaurant he intends to open.

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