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See How A Trade Show Can Help You Re-Invent Your Business

After spending nearly two decades as a military intelligence officer, Veronica James finally retired. She decided to pursue a second career in the investigative services industry. Veronica’s in-depth knowledge in surveillance, information gathering, and analysis made her an invaluable asset to law firms and private companies who needed to screen employees and those concerned about industrial espionage. Veronica also wanted to help individuals and small businesses. She knew that individuals with her experience and skills tended to be much too expensive for the two latter groups of people.

Veronica had a healthy pension; that combined with the many wise investments she made over the years, gave her a pretty comfortable retirement. She also had a reliable list of big name clients that ensured that her new business would prosper. She therefore turned her attention to the two groups mentioned above. Her biggest challenge was connecting with them.

She decided that her best move was to go directly to the market. To that end, she reserved a space at a trade show .

Every Kind Of Company Can Find Its Target Market At A Trade Show

Veronica was not a natural saleswoman, but she was a quick learner, and her natural ability with people—her capacity to listen, comfort, and encourage—had been enhanced by her years of service as a military leader.

Veronica found that it was much easier than she thought it would be to meet ordinary people. She went alone that first time. But she brought with her a brief infomercial in which she discussed her experience and expertise. Many of the people she was interested in—students, young couples, small business owners, and retirees—stopped by her trade booth. She listened to a number of individuals with real world problems and gave them cards so that they could contact her.

Veronica’s trade show debut was a smashing success. The very next day she was inundated with emails and messages on her Facebook from some of the same people she met at the trade show. It was apparent that they had spread the word about her practice to their family and friends because the inquiries continued to pour in.

Managing A Trade Show

Since that first trade show Veronica took on a partner and two associates to help her with investigations. She is now able to balance her workload, so that she can service her major clients and do work for the clients that she charges at a lower rate or for whom she works pro bono.

She still participates in trade shows. She has refined the way she runs her booth, so that she is more effective. She now takes a small cadre of junior associates with her. She selects only the best communicators in her company. They are tasked with mastering a script that contains all they will need to say when speaking to visitors to the booth. This has led to an even greater diversification and increase in her business. As a result she has had to take on even more staff and has had to restructure her company to deal with the variety of tasks it takes on.

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