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See How a Trade Show Event Can Help You Promote Your Brand

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trade show displaysLauren Hughes was a lover of books. Ever since she could remember, she loved the words, stories, and leaps of imagination to be found in books. When she went off to college, she majored in literature. When she finished, she went immediately to work for a major publishing house. In the years that followed, she rose to the position of senior editor in the firm. After twenty years in this job, editing many books that went on to become best-sellers, she decided to retire.

Lauren’s energy and intellectual restlessness would not allow her to stop working, so she took on the role of senior advisor and consultant to book publishers throughout the country. She also decided to open her own book shop. It was to be an independent store that would stock only the highest quality works in literature, history, philosophy, science, and other fields.

Lauren took over the space of a used book store whose owner she had known for years. She raised the capital necessary to replace the stock with books that met her criteria. She also refurbished the store to give it a more modern look. And she had the shop extended so that it could accommodate a small café and lounge.

The new book store opened to great acclaim. She worked with social media marketing experts to get the word out about the calibre of books that readers would find in her shop. This worked well for the first few months as business was good. But after that time traffic and revenues fell flat.

Lauren decided she needed to go directly to the people. So, she participated in a trade show event.

How To Use A Trade Show To Promote Your Company

Lauren brought a sample of the books sold at her shop to the event. She was surprised by the interest took in her books and her shop. Dozens of people stopped by and she had a chance to speak to each person. She was also able to give out cards and flyers for her shop.

The results of the trade show were beyond anything she had expected. Traffic to her shop increased significantly during the weeks that followed. People even took the time to visit the shop’s social media page and recommend it to their friends and family.

Strategy—The Key To Success In A Trade Show

The success resulting from the trade show compelled Lauren to hire new staff—both for the book shop and the cafe. She planned to use these new people in future marketing efforts. She put trade show events at the center of her marketing campaign and developed detailed plan for such events. Her staff were encouraged to be friendly with visitors and to make specific book recommendations, many of which were on sale at the booth. They were to also encourage trade show patrons to visit the shop itself for more options and to recommend the store to family and friends.

The strategy worked. Lauren’s book shop is now one of the most popular in the city. She has even started an online ordering service.

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