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Take A Chance on a Trade Fair and Reap the Rewards

trade showsSandra had turned her passion for fitness into a thriving enterprise. She gave more than personal fitness training to an ever growing number of clients; she offered food, drink, supplements, and health advice to all those who came into her new shop. She has a website and a social media presence, with videos, health tips. She had even pioneered a new interactive counseling program for those who wanted to benefit from her knowledge and experience in fitness and nutrition.

Sandra knew it was time to expand. The core of clients that she now had was important and helped to keep her afloat, but the investment she had recently made to expand her business required a scale-up in her clientele.

Referrals from her current crop of clients were not enough, and her push for more online advertisement had yielded rather poor results. She threw herself into research, desperate for a solution to this rather vexing problem. In her studies, she came across a website explaining the uses and value to small business owners of trade shows.

At first she dismissed the idea as being too small and not worth her time and money. But after a while it began to appeal to her. She had tried everything else—without success. She eventually decided that setting up a trade show booth was something worth doing.

She managed to get a booth at a trade fair that was coming through near where she lived. She made the most of it, threw all that she could into making her health and fitness brand conspicuous. Sandra was amazed at the number of people who took an interest in her. She was able to set things up so that she could offer hands-on demonstrations of her personal training methods. Most people who came to her booth were more interested in having fun than getting a serious workout; but the spectacle she created grew a crowd, among which were people interested in her services.

The following month saw an almost nine-fold increase in the number of queries she received for her services and the foot traffic in her shop.

Making The Most Of Trade Shows

Businesses large and small have recently rediscovered the advantages of setting up booths at a trade show. These events happen year round, all across the country. There are things you can get at a trade show that you cannot get online. Up close and personal contact with people interested in actually buying products and services is perhaps the most important advantage in participating in a trade show.

If you are able to make the most of the moment, you will draw attention to what you are selling. One of the keys to doing so is ensuring that your display is vivid and creative enough to capture the gaze of people walking by.

Creating A Buzz

You may make a few direct sales at show. But your larger aim is to make a stir, to create a buzz. You want the people who take an interest in your business to spread the word about you to their friends, family, and colleagues.

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