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Tips for Generating Leads from a Trade Show

For many businesses that attend trade shows, there are one or two events that are their primary sources of potential leads throughout the year. We want you to be successful at your next event and have a few suggestions for generating leads:

Create objectives for your trade show appearance

Are you hoping to debut a new product at this event? Maybe this trade show is industry specific and you’re trying to break through to new clientele? Whatever your reason for attending the event, setting quantitative goals for your business can help your on-site team understand expectations and strive to reach their numbers.

Attract visitors to your booth

When you’re surrounded by competitors, first impressions mean everything. The best way to talk about what sets you apart from others is to draw them in with an eye-catching booth! Work with your marketing team to create unique designs and messages for your trade show materials and products.

Bring along enthusiastic team members

It’s important to find the right balance of personalities for your trade show team, but you always want to bring those members who are passionate about your products and services. Consider employees who know the ins and outs of your business, are excited to talk with people, and can become a resource for anyone who wants to chat.

Utilize technology for contact information

Your team will do their best to talk with every visitor, but there is always a chance they don’t receive quality time with everyone! Technology has made it so much easier for potential leads to learn more about your business. Invest in monitor and tablet kiosk stands to grab some basic information, such their name and email address, to send relevant content and resources down the line. This email connection is an ideal entry to a potential lead further in their buyer’s journey.

Fortunately, Anything Display can help with a number of these lead-generating concepts with our various trade show displays! Our team would love to help you bring your ideas to life on banners, flags, and other products to get the most out of your next event.

With more questions about our trade show products, please contact our experts today by calling (239) 433-9738.

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