Hometrade show industryTips on How to Utilize Monitors at Your Next Trade Show

Tips on How to Utilize Monitors at Your Next Trade Show

In an age of technology, many businesses have begun to use screens and monitors at their marketing events to pair with their other advertising display stands, and Anything Display wants our customers to stand out from the crowd. A monitor kiosk stand can be a great tool to involve your leads and other trade show guests if used correctly. Here are a few content ideas you should consider at your next trade show booth.

Games and contests

If you’re searching for the perfect ice breaker, games and contests can be an awesome incentive. Technology can make creating a game straightforward and fun for all that stop by your booth before you have the chance to discuss the details of your products and services with those potential leads. Requiring a sign up to participate is another great way to gain emails and contact information.

Videos which tell a visual story

Trade shows are loud and crowded, which can make audio nearly impossible to distinguish. When creating videos for these events, be sure they are visual and concise. You want your guests to be able to be drawn in by your video, understand your point quickly, and provide digestible information without audio context.

Social media interaction

The Internet is the perfect way to bring attention to your booth, no matter where attendees are on the floor or across the world. Use a unique hashtag that makes photos and tweets easy to find so they can be shared to the monitors across your booth. People will enjoy being involved with your business at the event and may even create potential leads in the future.

On-site voting

Getting your audience involved to determine the winner of a contest is another great way to utilize monitors. Maybe attendees will vote on their favorite product or even the best social media post about your business. No matter the context of the voting, this can provide you another opportunity to gain contact information and build relationships with other industry professionals.

On top of the other business displays, Anything Display can also provide you with tablet and monitor kiosks to help bring your booth to life. Begin obtaining the interaction and direct contacts you have been seeking at trade shows with these functional and fun products.

With more questions about our displays and services, please contact the Anything Display team by calling (239) 433-9738.

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