Hometrade show industryTrade Show Give You A Gateway To New Consumers

Trade Show Give You A Gateway To New Consumers

trade showsJillian Burgess had a real problem. She got her computer video game company off the ground with a hefty infusion of capital from eager and excited investors. They believed in her product and believed she could take a commanding market position quickly. She received an ample amount of money to invest in sales, marketing, and promotion. She used it wisely, spending in safe and traditional channels both online and in other media.

Her first quarter revenues were outstanding. The succeeding quarters were not so good. It seemed as though there was an initial buzz, but then it faded; and she could not find a way of replicating that first quarter’s success.

One day while surfing casually through the Internet she found a small advertisement for a trade show event. She almost immediately dismissed it as not being the kind of venue that was worth pouring resources into. But before she could close the screen her head of marketing came in, on other business, and saw it.

It was clear that seeing the ad had given him an idea. He raised the prospect of renting a booth at a trade show convention. She again dismissed the idea. But as he began to talk of some of the advantages of doing it Jillian began to change her view. One of the things he mentioned that appealed to her is the low cost of renting space—at least in comparison with some of the company’s other marketing expenditures.

Jillian directed the executive to form a plan and report back to her, which he did shortly afterwards. The company reserved space and a booth at an upcoming trade event near its headquarters. The results were remarkable. Not only did people take genuine interest in their product, they got on to their Facebook, Twitter, and SnapChat feeds, took pictures, and posted about it. Jillian’s company experienced a surge in sales even bigger than the first quarter of trading and has been going strong ever since.

The Value Of Trade Show Events

Despite the popularity and occasional success of online marketing campaigns, companies can still gain a great deal by participating in trade shows. The latter have the feel of old time street markets. The people who go to them tend to have discriminating tastes. Once they have found a product they like, they will take a deep interest in it and spread the word about it to their friends, family, and colleagues. This is just the kind of grassroots buzz you want if you are a new company with a new product.

The Importance Of Great Trade Show Booths

If you want to get the most out of your time at a trade show, you must look confident, organized, and appealing. That is why it is best to work with professionals who are able to offer you displays and arrangements that will get people’s attention. Trade shows are busy and hectic places. Your booth needs to stand out if it is to draw a crowd. Trade show professionals can help you create that affect.

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