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Trade Show Sign Options

tradeshow-boothWhen a company is going to a trade show, they are usually trying to plan a booth that will catch the eye of the customer and cause him or her to spend an extended period of time at that booth. This is important because the amount of traffic that a booth receives is often directly tied to how successful the business is at a trade show. In order to make sure that customers take notice of a trade show booth, it is necessary to have stunning visuals. There are several different options available for trade show signs.

1. 3D Banner Stands

It is possible to purchase a banner that is made out of a flexible material, either a glossy sheet of paper or printed fabric, and then mount it on a stand that is not straight up and down. 3D stands are becoming much more popular because they are able to make a customer pay attention to the booth. They often have curves that will accentuate different parts of the banner and look unusual enough to capture the attention of those walking by.

2. Lightbox Tower Stands

Another option for trade show display signs is the lightbox tower stand. A lightbox tower stand is a hollow tower whose sides are made up of a sign. Inside the tower will be a series of lights that, when switched on, will illuminate the signs that are on either side of the tower. The effect of the lighting will cause people to take notice of the booth.

3. Catalog Holder Stands

One side of this type of sign will be the sign itself. It will have information about the company and about the item that is being given out on the other side. The opposite side of the stand will consist of shelves that hold catalogs. By using this type of stand, it will be possible to ensure that potential customers take notice of the catalogs that are available.

4. Window Lightbox Signs

This type of sign consists of a traditional sign inside of a frame of lights. These lights will force people to have their eyes drawn to the sign and ensure that it gets the maximum amount of exposure. There will usually be a sheet of glass that protects the sign.

5. Flag Banners

These banners are designed to stand next to the booth to draw the attention of the customers. They consist of a banner sign that is attached to a flagpole that is standing straight up and down. It will be attached to the flagpole on the side. Often, several of these types of signs are used with one another in order to maximize their effect on the customer’s attention.

6. Popup Booth

This is a type of sign that stretches across the entire back of the booth. It is popular because, when activated, it will pop up on its own. It usually consists of fabric that is attached to a popup stand.

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