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Trade Shows Are For Businesses Of Every Kind And Size

James Popper loved his time in the Marine Corps, but after twenty years he retired and looked forward to his next career. In the Corps, he was in the field of Information Warfare. Systems security was his particular specialization, and he was one of the best in his outfit.

James knew that with his knowledge and experience he could command a very high six-figure salary at one of the top IT consultancy firms or as head of IT security for a global corporation. But he wanted to do something different. After working in an institution with strict rules and a chain of command, he wanted to be as independent as he could. He wanted to be his own boss.

Accordingly, he set up his own business and decided to work freelance. He had made a few civilian contacts before his retirement, and so was able to line up work straightaway. But after a year and the completion of less than a dozen jobs, the work dried up. James knew that he had to make an aggressive move to expand his business, but he did not know how.

One day he had lunch with a business associate and got an idea of how he might grow his business. James decided he would participate in a trade show .

Why You Should Use A Trade Show To Promote Your Company

James was confident, determined, and knowledgeable. His years in the Corps had given him a head for command and a comfort in managing new and difficult challenges. He would put all of that experience to use during the trade show.

He could not depend on those initial contacts forever. He needed to meet with new people who were involved in professions and activities of various kinds. And he knew that going to a trade show would allow him to do that.

Managing A Trade Show

James was a highly intelligent man. However, he realized that he had to set aside jargon and technical language and speak to anyone who might visit his booth in layman’s terms. To that end, he studied a script that he prepared. It helped him to translate the technical terms that he was used to using into plain words.

The study and preparation paid off. James was a big hit at the trade show. He met with many entrepreneurs like himself—people who ran one-person operations and needed outside contractors to help them with matters such as systems security.

In the weeks following the trade show, James received a barrage of calls, emails, and text messages requesting his services. The social media accounts he opened became quite active with positive comments from those he had met at the trade show and further requests for bookings.

Since that initial trade show, James has attended 6 more. He has made the trade show a central piece of marketing strategy. His business has only grown for it, and he has recently taken on a partner to help him meet the heavy client demand.

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