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Trade Shows Are For Every Type Of Business And Every Kind Of Product

Paul Sen was a trained software engineer. After some years working as an employee for various IT firms, he decided to set up his own business. Paul was by nature an inventor. He had created a number of patented programs and applications on his own—independent of the companies he worked for. His goal in starting a business was to market those inventions under his own brand.

Like most small business owners, Paul believed that an effective online marketing campaign would bring him the growth that he needed. But he soon found out that the virtual world is saturated with such campaigns, and that his was one of hundreds of thousands of such companies trying to break through online.

Within six months of starting his company, Paul made a bold and decisive decision. He decided to market his high-tech company in an old fashion forum. He would meet ordinary people face-to-face in a trade show .

Every Kind Of Business Can Find Its Target Market At A Trade Show

Paul had some experience with such retail marketing. He came from a family of shop owners. His father opened a number of retail shops when he immigrated to the United States from India, and Paul grew up in the atmosphere of the marketplace.

Although it was the first time that he had to organize such a marketing event on his own, he found it much easier than he thought it would be. He met all kinds of people—students, young couples, small business owners, and retirees—who were interested in the apps he had developed. Paul came prepared for the show. He gave demonstrations of how his programs worked, what they could be used for, and how they could be downloaded.

Paul’s trade show debut was so successful that the number of people who downloaded his programs in the following month increased fifty fold. He had to take on additional staff to deal with customer queries and other administrative matters.

Managing A Trade Show

Paul’s business expanded rapidly after that first trade show. He has had to hire additional help to manage his brand. He has also explored other ways of marketing his company. However, he still participates in trade shows around the country. He has also learned how to set up and better manage a trade show booth.

Paul uses a small cadre of employees. He hand picks individuals for each show. The people that are part of this group have experience in trade show marketing. They know how to speak to ordinary people—people who come to trade shows because they are curious about the newest things available. This has led to a significant increase in the size of Paul’s business. The people who have downloaded his programs and applications find them very useful, and he gets a great deal of positive feedback on social media. Indeed, many of the individuals who visit his trade show booth do so because his company was recommended by a friend on social media. This has led to success beyond Paul’s wildest dreams.

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