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Trade Shows Can Help Businesses Of All Kinds Succeed

James Scott wanted to create a new way for people to get news. He had spent a decade as a freelance online reporter, and he wanted to put his experience to work as a publishing entrepreneur. He finally got the funding to set-up his own website and to hire a team of editors, marketing experts, and tech professionals to run it. The content of the site came from freelance reporters.

His site, Inet Daily, faced stiff competition from other online news sites. However, he was confident in the ability of his team to create a distinct market for the paper. The initial marketing campaign was conducted exclusively online. It seemed to have the desired effect. Traffic to the site grew quite rapidly in the first few months, and he was able to attract a great many pay-per-click advertisers (his primary source of revenue) to fund the operation.

The growth did not last. Traffic to Inet Daily went flat and then declined before its first year of live broadcasting. James raised funds for a new round of marketing, but it did not work. The paper seemed to be in terminal decline.

A Trade Show Can Help You Promote Your Business Brand

At an emergency meeting with his marketing team, one of the more junior associates mentioned the possibility of participating in a trade show. This was dismissed by the others as an outdated and ill-suited venue for promoting Inet Daily. James remained silent. Later on, he thought seriously about what his young employee said and researched the topic himself. The next day he made arrangements to participate in a trade show event nearby.

Inet Daily’s participation in the trade show went very well. Like many of the executives on his marketing team he did not think that much could be gained by going to a trade show. To his surprise, the kind of young single and married professionals he considered his target market were there. He got to speak to a number of them and to discuss the unique features and distinct qualities of his paper.

Participating In A Trade Show Can Help You Boost Sales

James came to realize that the people who go to trade shows are genuinely interested in the newest products and services on the market. Most of the people he met not only engaged actively with him and the team he brought with him; they also used their smart phones and digital pads to visit the Inet Daily site and bookmarked it afterward. They also promised to tell their friends about it.

James did not expect the latter to actually happen, but within a few weeks of going to the trade show traffic to the paper increase significantly. That trend continued indefinitely, and many of the advertisers who had left came back to him.

The Value Of The Right Kind Of Trade Show Booth

James made participating in trade shows part of his overall marketing strategy. An important lesson he learned from his first experience was choosing the right trade show booth and customizing it to send the right message and attract the right audience.

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