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Turning a Hobby Into a Business – How To Sell Arts and Crafts at County Fairs and Craft Shows With Marketing Displays

One of the greatest American traditions is arts and crafts. There are very few boundaries in the arts and crafts industry – from making your own jellies and jams, to stained glass windows and quilts, utilitarian items from clothing to furniture building and so much more. Crafts and hobbies can result in the creation of some real nice products that can be given away as a gift, used to help the family – or even to be sold for money.

Craftsman at work - Arts & crafts

This great American tradition is most obvious when going through tourist areas. Whether they are the mountains on the East Coast, or the Indian lands in the west there is no shortage of people making all kinds of items that are showcased to tourists coming through town.

Many growing small businesses started from a dedicated hobbyist working hard from home or in their garage. Let’s face it if you make cool stuff people will want to buy it. If you want to turn that craft into a real business you will need to start marketing your products and trade shows and craft fairs are a great way to get started.

As a craft artisan a great avenue to get started is attending association trade events, craft shows, county fairs and trade shows. These offer a great opportunity to get exposure to your products. There are many organizations that can help the aspiring artisan with the perfect ideas for promotion. The CHA or Craft & Hobby Association is an excellent place to check out trade show schedules and get lots of tips on turning your craft items into a growing business. They offer great assistance to make a real difference that most people don’t appreciate until they begin experiencing a larger sales imprint for their arts and crafts.

Once you are in the door presenting at a craft show or county fair, the goal will be the same for all in attendance. Advertising your stuff well – you want to stand out from your competitors. There is large array of people selling all kinds of stuff. A beautiful display at a local trade show or county fair puts you in a much better place for getting attention. It allows you to place your creations directly in the hands of buyers. This is a very powerful tool for closing a sale.

So make sure when you’re planning to participate in an arts and crafts show or county fair that you pay close attention to the display booth that you use to present yourself. First appearances are so important. This will be your mobile sales office and store front – think of how you would like a store to look. Don’t cut corners here be sure you get a processional display to showcase your stuff. Your entire booth is an advertisement about you and your products. Make sure that the booth and the lighting highlight your products to draw positive attention from visitors.

Anything Display has everything you need to make sure your display stands out. Advanced displays and POP materials, storefront advertising, signs and banners and much more are offered on their website. To get some ideas about how to build an effective display to really show off your products, call for their expert help today!

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