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Types of Trade Show Signs

trade show boothWhen a person is going to a trade show, it is critical that his or her booth make a splash and stand out from all of the other booths. If it is not able to do this, then the booth will be lost in the shuffle and will receive a great deal less traffic than it would otherwise. One of the easiest ways to make sure that a booth stands out is to use a trade show display sign. There are many different types that can work for a variety of industries.

1. Retractable Signs

These signs are great because they are designed to retract. This allows them to be easily stored and transported without having to worry about accommodating their size or being damaged during the course o the move. They are usually very tall, vertical signs that have stands to keep them standing. Often, people will take this type of sign to trade shows if he or she is not sure of the amount of space that will be available and wants to make sure that he or she has all of the necessary materials should excess space be around. There are two types of retractable signs. They are pull up, banner signs and dual-way banner signs, which means that they can be opened from either side.

2. Stretch Fabric Signs

Another type of sign is the stretch fabric sign. These types of signs consist of fabric that is stretched over a surface or across an area using stands. They are one of the most popular types of trade show signs because they are very easy to set up and then take back down, since they will pop up on their own when activated. They are basically one piece and come with a bag that will keep the graphic that is attached to the stands when it is not being used.

3. Event Table Cover Signs

These signs are really just table covers that reach the floor. The part of the table cover that is facing out of the booth will have the same graphics or information that normal sign would have, except is is still attached to the fabric that is covering the booth. This type of sign is relatively easy to store.

4. Counter Displays

When a company has a small table or counter that is going to be used to display a small product, the space underneath the table or counter can be utilized with a display. These signs will be rigid enough to wrap around the base of the counter and not show any space underneath it. They are usually made out of a durable material and can be used many times. The main trick with this type of display is to ensure that it will be able to properly fit a table.

By using any of these types of trade show signs, it will be possible for a booth to stand out in the sea of other displays and take a trade show by storm.

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