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Using Technology Advances to Create a Better Trade Show Booth

trade show boothAdvances in technology are apparent in all industries, even in the trade show business. Advanced technology has given companies the ability to capture and retain the attention of customers across many different demographics. Some would even venture to say that its technology that brings us all together. In order to set their trade show booths out from all of the others on the floor at any given event, exhibitors are turning more and more to technology to give their booths some glitz and panache in order to bring potential customers in. Here are a few things that are currently hot right now in the trade show world.

Design trends

Long gone are the square boxes of the trade show booths of old. Today’s trade show booths are sleek and full of curves and architectural details. Many exhibitors will lay wooden floors over the concrete facility floors in order to add a touch of sophistication and warmth to their displays.

Yesterday’s trade show booths used bright, blinding spotlights and ugly colors to attract attention. Today’s trade show booths have traded these artifacts in for more subdued lighting and colors that people find calming and appealing.

And last but not least, today’s trade show booths don’t require consumers to stand and watch prescheduled demonstrations. Instead, they offer appointments for a more intimate affair and offer a couch or other seating in order to encourage individuals to stay and chat.

Client communication tactics

In years past, companies relied heavily on print advertisements in order to communicate with their customer base. However, thanks to advancements in technology, we can now send emails, text messages, social media posts, smart phone apps and more. These new methods of communication not only help reduce your carbon footprint, they are also faster, more targeted and cost significantly less than traditional print ads.

In addition to the various new communication methods, trade show booths can take advantage of other technological advances such as using tablets for interactive demonstration.

Smart phone apps not only help you stay in contact with your customers in real time by giving them instant access to product launches, special discounts, and such, but can also serve to help bring customers to your trade show booth by offering a map to your booth, push notifications for special demonstrations and more,

Technology Perks

Stop being one of those companies that give away preprinted pens and stress balls. Be one of the cool booths that give away flash drives that are custom molded for your business. Offer Mi-Fi and recharging stations to encourage customers to stick around and take notice of your products. You don’t even have to be a technology company to benefit from these types of marketing strategies.

At the end of the day, all of these elements come together to create a dynamic and robust trade show booth that brings customers to your booth and generates plenty of quality leads that have a higher rate of conversion. In order to give your trade show experience the best possible chance of success and create a high return on your investment, it’s important to incorporate some of these design changes.

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