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What is a Telescopic Flag?

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Anything Display has one of the largest selections of display flags and other marketing materials, and our professionals know it can be overwhelming to see so many options without knowing exactly what you need. We always want to provide the most information for our customers as we can to help make an educated and informed decision on their displays, and one of our favorite options are telescopic flags.

So, what is a telescopic flag?

To put it simply, a telescopic flag refers to the pole used to create the flag. These poles can collapse within themselves and remove the need for chains, ropes, and pulleys that might tangle or add extra weight to the display. This feature is an ideal way for business professionals to get the most of their money spent on marketing materials. Telescopic poles make for a more customizable setting that can be adjusted to different heights to meet the needs of a variety of marketing applications.

Our telescopic flag options often have three different height choices with collapsible bases which make for easy travel. Our products are designed with our customers in mind, and that means accessibility, simple set up and break down, and compactable sizes to make any form of travel as straightforward as possible. Our water bases are also ideal for travel, as they can be drained and refilled, which eliminates any unnecessary weight.

Telescopic flags were created with ease and accessibility in mind, and that design has quickly become a go-to for many seeking trade show products. Whether you are searching for an outdoor flag for your business or another branding option for your next trade show, these flags can offer so much to your business at an affordable cost.

With more questions about our telescopic flags or other products, please contact us today by calling (239) 433-9738.

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