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Why Use Apps During Trade Shows?

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Though traditional trade show items like pop up displays and telescopic banners are still useful materials, technology has become a true driving force for businesses reaching their trade show objectives. Monitor kiosk stands and tablet displays help businesses interact attendees in different ways and utilizing trade show apps can contribute to even better results for these three common goals:

Lead Capturing

Attendees will engage with businesses if they can help contribute to research for their own business or personal use. There are tradeshow apps out there that will ask for just enough information to create a contact, such as a name and an email. From here, you can provide resources and additional information to them to help eventually convert this lead into a sale.

Demographic Measurements

Similar to grabbing contact information, there are also apps out there that can help measure the attendee demographics of a specific trade show. Not only does can this help further develop your customer profiles, but it can also help determine if you will want to return to that trade show in the future.

Live Engagement

Social media integration during an event can help boost live engagement for the trade show itself and with potential customers and your business. Consider creating a hashtag, geo-filter, or photo booth for attendees to use when they stop by to talk. This is also a great way to keep your followers involved who were unable to attend the event.

If you have decided tablets and apps are going to benefit your trade show efforts most, it could be time to invest in display stands for attendees to input their information. Let your booth staff converse and grow relationships while your displays help your business gain potential leads, demographic information, and social media engagement.

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